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peterahernandez asked:

What do you think about the way some people view comics, some people tell me it's childish no matter what I tell them I just wanted your view on this


I’ve been told comics are for kids countless times my whole life. I assume all comic reading Americans have heard the same. All you can do is blow it off. Can’t convince anyone by telling them “is not, they are for everyone!” They won’t believe you. I gave bloody gore drenched Invincible trade paperbacks to someone because they said they really wanted to see my work. They said “Cool, I’ll give it to my kids!” I told them it’s not really for young kids, our readership is mainly 20’s-40’s. They looked at me like I’m crazy. The books ended up with the coloring books and toys on the kids table in the corner. Which I’m fine with, but I do wonder how many Moms caught their 4 year olds looking through those books and saying “what is this filth you are looking at!” And then I smile.

Anyway It’s just ignorance. Society in Japan is MUCH more well rounded with their views on art. And comics definitely is considered an art form there. But in America, society has been taught a few lame things over the decades. Comics just for kids is ridiculous. Mostly just kids were reading comics when they began, and there was a lot of talk about comics being too much for kids, too violent, too sexy, etc. And now kids don’t even read comics. It’s adults that are the main buyers. But society has no idea about that. They still assume they are for kids. So therefore adults reading them must be juvenile. But we readers of comics know it’s simply just a different medium. It’s movies on paper. You can tell any story you want in comics just like movies or novels. But luckily there are books like Walking Dead that are bringing in new readers and they are seeing first hand that comics are definitely for everyone. And hopefully more comics can have that affect on society, then comics can grow and more people participate in something I think is awesome. I think more appreciation for art is the only way comics will be accepted by society. More art classes in school, more people making art and seeing that it’s a huge amazing skill to have just like singing or playing an instrument. Drawing from imagination IS something to be amazed at! Not just copying exactly what you see. Every non comic reader I know is MUCH more impressed when I draw a realistic portrait than when I draw comics. It’s just the way it is, and hopefully more will grow to love the imaginative arts more, just like us. Long live comics.


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